Wine Tasting

Tasting wines at Avila Wine and Roasting is both fun and education. Your host Manny Luiz has been conducting wine tasting seminars for 20 years. Cal Poly chose Manny As one of only a few Winery Professionals to mentor students enlisted in their Wine Education program.

In addition to educating people on the basics of wine tasting; Manny has worked 15 wine harvests at various Central Coast wineries. He can talk wine tech with those who wants to talk about wine production. However he is most at home when simply teaching somebody how to get the most of out of the appearance, aromatics and flavors out of wine. You will leave Avila Wine and Roasting with a better understanding of what you like about wine.

A typical line up at Avila Wine and Roasting will be dry whites finishing with fruity and sweets wines. Light bodied reds building up to heavy wines followed with dessert wines.
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